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This garden proved to be a real challenge as it had been used for the last twenty years as a storage area for the owner's building supplies. When he retired, his wife declared that he didn't need to keep collecting odd bits and that it was time to have a garden to enjoy. My challenge was to keep all existing hard landscaping features and to use as much of the horded materials to unify the garden.  All the construction work was undertaken collaboratively by the owner himself and me, utilizing items that had been horded for many years.

Reclaimed items include

• old disability ramp, scaffolding poles and sleepers (used to make the bridge)

• reinforced paving slabs, end-of-line sheet cobblestones, gravel (the paving)

• moulded concrete sleepers (steps)

• railway sleepers (bridges)

• tobacco packing crates, corrugated iron sheets and soffit boards, discarded shop windows, an old exterior fire door (walls/roof/windows/door of sheds) 

• bricks (raised beds)

• sandstone blockwork (the pond)

• old roofing slates (waterfall)


Detail (click the images to for more information)

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