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After being given a tropical climber as a gift one Christmas I needed to find a suitable support for it. I opted to make one in the form of a small castle made from just bamboo and jute twine.

After completion the entire item was coated in a clear preservative spray, and once fully dry the castle was solid and waterproof.


My tropical climber now had an unusual frame to grow up. within four months the plant had outgrown the castle and had attached itself to surrounding plants in its search for full sun. Fortunately the plant was pliable enough to be unwound from the castle and transferred to a larger support.

My neighbour saw the castle and commissioned a partial garden design to install three of these castles at the bottom of her garden. When her grandchildren came for their annual Easter egg hunt, she was able to convince them that fairies had moved in. Those first castles lasted for 8 years before they started showing signs of wear, in spite of being outside in the worst weather. Castles that have been kept indoors can last indefinitely.


Exploring the components and expanding on the designs created a number of unique castles. At some point I plan a garden design that will complement the fantasy using miniature plants to create a garden that has a fairy citadel at the heart of it.

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