CASCADE (collaboration)


Cascade is the second installation produced in collaboration with sound designer Dr Pete Batchelor (Music, Technology & Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University). Cascade is a massively multichannel sound sculpture, consisting of a flat-panel array of 256 small loudspeakers suspended over an entire ceiling space. As with the DOME project, it presents a range of sound materials and is designed to present sonic art in new and accessible contexts within public spaces, encouraging and widening public understanding of and engagement with the sounding environment. 


I concerned myself with visual aesthetics, and was involved in the production and suspension of speakers along with framing the space with material to create a self-contained and inviting listening environment. I had to experiment with a number of different fabrics to find one which was light enough and sufficiently transparent to 'glow' with the ambient lighting in the room.

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Presented as part of BEAST FEaST 2018 (BEASTopia), University of Birmingham, UK. 

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