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Luscious Outdoor Living Spaces

Designed for you to enjoy.


I strongly believe that whether a small modern roof terrace in the city or a large rural garden, a well designed outdoor living space adds to both the value of a home and its owner's quality of life.

Whenever I design a garden I work carefully with clients to achieve the look that works for them. Sometimes I will design an entire garden from scratch; sometimes I need only work on a small area to enhance what is already there. I will discuss ideas, then draw up detailed plans for construction and planting, and am heavily involved in the building of the garden itself. 

This garden was designed to capture the client's memories of growing up on a farm in North Devon.The design splits a garden site into two. Near to the house, a secluded seating area presents a wooded valley with stream and meandering path. Beyond this, an upper garden offers an open lawn area surrounded by country garden planting.


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This was a short-term project, providing a secluded seating area for a garden in North Devon. In order that it should fit as naturally as possible within its environment, I used predominantly natural materials derived from the surrounding farm, including logs which were used to delineate beds around and behind the seating area itself.  

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This project involved the transformation of a back garden that was essentially a builder's yard into a tranquil, relaxing space subsequent to the owner's retirement from the trade. Part of the challenge was to maintain all hard landscaping while incorporating many of the horded materials it contained. 

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This tropical garden was created in 2000. The client brief was to provide an organic space which would allow the owners to enjoy the garden year round. No matter how small the area, space can be designed to give a relaxing and serene environment for thought and contemplation. 


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This roof garden was inspired by a birds-eye view of the Galapagos islands. The rock formations signify volcanic islands resting in a sea of gravel. Although four years old the garden has never been artificially watered. A sun trap in the summer, butterflies regularly visit this garden.


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For this small north-facing front garden on a busy thoroughfare, the owners requested an informal woodland feel which would have year round interest for both themselves and passers-by. Tree ferns were used to provide the back drop of a multi layered planting scheme including both evergreen and deciduous plants, beneath which a small spring fed a shallow wildlife pool.


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The idea for the garden comes from a flood plain at the bend of a river. As water subsides after a flood, shingle dotted with rocks and large pieces of tree trunk are left on the sweep of the bend. The planting adds to the natural wildlife garden in an urban setting.


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