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While skills in draftsmanship are an essential part of a garden designer's armoury in providing a detailed overview of a garden design, they can only show so much. So with some gardens I have also produced models to convey my vision more concretely and provide a sense of a garden will be like in reality.


Snaking through the Jungle


A complete garden design and its realisation as a model. For the full project (including description), go here.


Inca Imaginings

This is an imaginary/fantasy garden consisting of an Inca pyramid (shed) and sunken tomb (pond), along with a raised dais (seating area) and other ruin-like features that serve as a facade for a working area at the rear of the garden. The tropical planting and koi pond complement and accentuate the exotic theme.   


Specimen Plants

A considerable amount of work goes into the design of every plant; each is based closely on the shape and natural growth patterns of its subject. Collectively, they give an impression of the range and variety of textures that might be possible in a planting scheme.


Acers feature strongly in my garden designs for the variety of shapes and colours they produce. Modelling them requires quite some attention to detail in emulating the growth patterns.




Ferns & Herbaceous Perennials 


More Herbaceous Perennials

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