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about me

My interest in garden design began as a young boy doing odd garden maintenance jobs for elderly neighbours. At age 12, I began to grow my own vegetable garden and found that, to the amusement of my parents, I was more interested in the growing habit, foliage and flowers than I was in the vegetable crop. This led to me beginning to use hard landscape and plant form to create gardens that appealed to all the senses. When I was 15, I began designing and planting gardens for family and friends as a hobby and this rapidly became a passion in my life. I went on to train to be a builder and to work in other industries, but all my spare time was spent creating drawings, models and completing garden projects for friends and colleagues. I took a great deal of pleasure in using my talents for the enjoyment of others, creating bold and exciting spaces and watching them develop year by year.


Having studied garden design formally I now have the confidence and knowledge to have turned my hobby into my career, and further develop my specialisms in tropical design, wildlife gardens and roof gardens.


My interests in tropical plants and naturalised British garden plants has led to a fusion of the two, producing vibrant exotic summer gardens with multi coloured foliage, yet all round interest from hardy evergreen species.

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