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When I was 16, I found myself in possession of five old leather jackets, some of which had been mine, the others passed to me as hand-me-downs. I stripped them all down to the panels of leather and proceeded to experiment. Over a six month period, I worked on a number of things, the most successful of which follow. 

Leather whips

I have an older sister who, preceding her wedding, had a  novelty hen night with a 'dominatrix' theme, and I agreed to make a number of whips for her friends. These turned out to be far more elaborate than I had first planned, but I had a lot of fun making them. (I was subsequently commissioned to make a similar whip for one of my own friends; I didn't ask what she wanted it for...).


Gauntlets & Gloves


I made these for a fancy dress evening, whose medieval theme prompted me to devise a knight's costume. Once again I went to town on the designs, which ended up being far more detailed than the event warranted. In retrospect, I realised that the leather required for such work needed to be considerably stronger than I had used, and the stitching (which was done by hand) more robust. If I return to doing this kind of work I shall bear this in mind.

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