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This east-facing back garden was very public, being bordered at its rear by a narrow access road for all of the houses in the terrace to which it belonged. A 3ft lapboard fence marked out the boundaries. Lain mainly to slab and with minimal planting, the space was only used to dry the washing and for the kids to kick a ball round in. There was a very imposing leylandii hedge at the back of the property, screening a large building.


The owners decided they wanted to create an outdoor living space that had the appearance of privacy and gave an impression of being in a larger space. They expressed interest in bold architectural plants with colourful foliage and movement. Organic sound was desired as well as year round colour.

Due to the garden being close to the city centre and in a built up area, the owners wanted to create a space attractive to local wildlife as well as providing some escapism from urban living.



After 24 months (mature)

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